Are you looking for change? So were we and we found something that is going to work for us!

We are high school sweethearts, now in our thirties with two kids from the beautiful Province, Nova Scotia on the eastern part of Canada. Like many Maritimers, we are living the oilfield life. We are just finishing up our sixth year of living this lifestyle. After the first year of living the oilfield life we chose to pack up what we could in our small car and move to Alberta to be together. We stayed there for nearly three years but home is where the heart is so we chose to come back home to our families and go back to him travelling back and forth.

Jeff goes to Northern Alberta for twenty days at a time and comes home for only ten days a month. I, a Licensed Practical Nurse working shift work, maintains the home and raises our children all while working long days AND nights. Our schedule can be hectic and most definitely tough for one person to handle on their own. Not only are the basics tough but we have spent many holidays, birthdays, and milestones, separately.

I think many people who live this life can agree that seeing your kids grow up through a phone screen through facetime or pictures is NOT what we imagined our life would be.
Our son is almost fourteen and has played hockey since he was five. Our Daughter will be nine this year and is an avid horse back rider and rides three days a week.

We have sacrificed not only for our children but in our marriage as well. We have loved each other since we were 16/17 years old. We grew up together, we experienced many things TOGETHER but over the last six years we have had to experience many of the more important life experiences, apart.
We don't want that for us anymore. Over the course of a few months we watched a personal friend of ours have major success in the digital business world. We wanted and NEEDED to know more. Was it something we could do too? Was it something we could add into our already busy schedule? We watched the complimentary online workshop and decided that the answer was, YES!

If you have a story that relates to ours or even if you're just looking for change to find a way out of the path you're down now, this is for you too.
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Jeff & Sarah Wells